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Fillings in Parker

The purpose of dental fillings is to treat dental decay (cavities). The most common types of fillings are composite and/or glass ionomer (tooth colored), and amalgam (silver). These are part of the many restorative and cosmetic services we offer.

When do I need a filling?

A filling is necessary when decay has progressed beyond the enamel (first) layer of the tooth. Often times, our bodies will signal that we have a cavity. You may experience sensitivity to cold temperatures or sweets. However, not all cavities are symptomatic. Fillings are most appropriate when the cavity is still relatively small and removal of the cavity does not put the structural stability of the whole tooth at risk.

Tooth colored filling material is most commonly used today because they are

  • Aesthetic and blend with your natural teeth
  • Conservative
  • Mercury-free
  • Strong
  • Biocompatible
  • Provide a better seal

What to expect when you come to get a composite filling

  • Administration of anesthetic to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure.
  • Complete removal of tooth decay.
  • Application of etch and bond to allow filling material to adhere to the tooth.
  • Placement of composite.
  • Light curing of composite material hardens it.
  • Final shaping, polishing, and bite adjustment.

At the completion of your appointment, your filling is fully cured and you can go about your daily routine. It is important to understand that you can still get a cavity after you have had a filling placed. Strict care of your filling is necessary to ensure longevity of the work done by your dental team. Be sure to brush and floss regularly as well as consistently see us for recommended exams and cleanings.

If you have any questions, or if you’re ready to schedule an appointment, call our office today to get started! 

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