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X-Rays in Parker, CO

Dental x-rays are taken to allow your dental providers to see inside and below your teeth; more than what can be seen by just looking in your mouth. It is one of the many services we offer here at Magnolia Dental.

  • Bitewings are taken every 6-12 months to allow your dental providers to see between your teeth.
  • Select periapical x-rays (or PAs) are taken if you notice any pain, discomfort, or even just a “funny feeling”.
  • A full mouth series (or FMX) is taken usually at the first visit and every 4-5 years following to allow for a more comprehensive view of the teeth and surrounding bone.
  • A panoramic x-ray (or pano) is taken usually at the first visit in conjunction with the FMX to visualize the entire mouth including teeth, upper and lower jaws, and surrounding structures and tissues.

Are they safe?

Digital imaging has become very common in the practice of dentistry. It is commonly thought that dental x-rays will expose you to high doses of radiation. That’s just not true!

Annual maximum dosage of radiation for a U.S. radiation worker is 50 mSv. The dosage of digital bitewings, which is 4 total x-rays, is 0.02 mSv. There are several other forms of radiation in life to consider that give off more radiation than digital dental x-rays.

  • The dosage of a whole body CT scan is a whopping 10.0 mSv!
  • A mammogram packs a dosage of 0.42 mSv.
  • The average radiation in the U.S. from natural sources on an annual basis comes in at a dosage of 3.0 mSv.
  • A chest X-ray has a dosage of 0.10 mSv.
  • Radon in the average U.S. home on an annual basis is a dosage of 2.28 mSv.
  • The annual dose received by food and water (potassium) is a dosage of 0.4 mSv.
  • A cross-country flight from New York to Los Angeles comes with a dosage of 0.04 mSv.
  • Living in a brick/stone/concrete house has an annual dosage of 0.007 mSv.
  • Smoking one pack of cigarettes brings with it a dosage of 0.0049 mSv.
  • Eating a banana will give you a dosage of 0.0001 mSv.
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