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Fluoride Treatments in Parker

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that has been found in studies to prevent and reduce dental decay. Many cities/towns fluoridate the drinking water as an initiative to reduce tooth decay in the population

How does fluoride prevent dental decay?

One of the main mechanisms of fluoride is to prevent or delay the loss of minerals from teeth. The second method of action of fluoride is remineralization, which reverses the demineralization process that weakens the teeth.

How can I get fluoride?

There are two ways fluoride can be administered

Topical Fluoride

  • Fluoride varnish (most common)
  • Fluoride foam
  • Fluoride gel
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouth rinse

Systemic fluoride

  • Community water
  • Fluoride supplements

Who can get fluoride treatment?

How often should I get fluoride?

Fluoride is recommended for both adults and children for prevention of dental decay. Fluoride varnish is typically done 2-4 times per year. It is generally recommended following each cleaning. Consult your dental provider for additional fluoride recommendations.

Is fluoride safe?

There are common misconceptions about fluoride and health concerns that arise from the use of fluoride. Fluoride applied at the dentist and in dental products like toothpaste and mouth rinses are delivered in very small doses that are not harmful, even when used all together. Community water fluoridation is also monitored and regulated by the government to prevent any adverse side effects. Click here to learn about similar preventive dentistry procedures we offer at Magnolia Dental.

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