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Digital Dental X-Rays in Parker

Dental x-rays are recommended at least once a year to identify dental cavities. While still safe, traditional x-rays have a bad reputation of exposing patients to higher levels of radiation. However, with new technology, dental x-rays have reduced radiation exposure significantly.

Annual maximum dosage of radiation for a U.S. radiation worker is 50 mSv. The dosage of digital bitewings, which is 4 total x-rays, is 0.02 mSv. There are several other forms of radiation in life to consider that give off more radiation than digital dental x-rays.

  • The dosage of a whole body CT scan is a whopping 10.0 mSv!
  • A mammogram packs a dosage of 0.42 mSv.
  • The average radiation in the U.S. from natural sources on an annual basis comes in at a dosage of 3.0 mSv.
  • A chest X-ray has a dosage of 0.10 mSv.
  • Radon in the average U.S. home on an annual basis is a dosage of 2.28 mSv.
  • The annual dose received by food and water (potassium) is a dosage of 0.4 mSv.
  • A cross-country flight from New York to Los Angeles comes with a dosage of 0.04 mSv.
  • Living in a brick/stone/concrete house has an annual dosage of 0.007 mSv.
  • Smoking one pack of cigarettes brings with it a dosage of 0.0049 mSv.
  • Eating a banana will give you a dosage of 0.0001 mSv.
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