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Periodontal Treatment in Parker, CO

More advanced treatment for patients with periodontal disease is required to prevent destruction of the gums and bone that hold your teeth firmly in the jaws.

How do I know if I have periodontal disease?

At your first visit, a dental provider will measure your gum pockets. You will hear different numbers starting at 1; 1-3 mm pockets are considered healthy and 4+ mm pockets are considered unhealthy ranging from gingivitis to periodontal disease.

How do I treat periodontal disease?

For patients who have never had their periodontal disease treated or they have gone an extended period of time without a cleaning from the hygienist or dentist will need a deep cleaning otherwise known as scaling and root planing (SRP).

For patients who have previously been diagnosed with periodontal disease and have been actively seeking treatment, but have moved to a different dental home, need a periodontal maintenance.

What to expect during your deep cleaning

  • Anesthetic will be administered locally or topically to prevent discomfort during the cleaning.
  • Initial cleaning using an ultrasonic instrument. This instrument uses water or a medicated liquid to irrigate and remove the bacteria deep in the pocket. Its ultrasonic motion also breaks up any build up (tartar or calculus) as it comes into contact with it on the tooth.
  • Scaling instruments scrape any remaining fine layers of calculus deep in the gum pocket.
  • Laser therapy administered to heat the gum tissues and kill any remaining bacteria in and around the deep pockets.

Can I just get a regular cleaning after my deep cleaning?

No, a periodontal maintenance is required following scaling and root planing

Periodontal maintenance

A perio maintenance is a cleaning that follows SRP and is recommended every 3 months, 4 months or 6 months. Frequency is determined by the present health of your gums. Perio maintenance is required to prevent further damage of the gums in patients with periodontal disease and includes limited scaling and root planing when appropriate. Click here to learn more about the preventive procedures we offer at Magnolia Dental.

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